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Developed by Lyran engineers in the 3060s, Endo-Composite structure was designed to replicate Endo-Steel but with less space used. They came up with a less bulky structure that also saves less weight than a true Endo-Steel structure. They also managed to avoid the pitfalls of a true Composite structure such that Endo-Composite is just as strong as a normal 'Mech skeleton.

Manufacturer: Lostech
Tonnage: 0
Critical Slots: 7 dynamic
Install Location: General
Value: 150,000
Gear ID: emod_structureslots_endocomposite

Equipped Effects:

  • -25% structure weight
  • Takes up 7 critical slots in 'Mech

Critical Effects:

  • None


  • Structure is always fixed equipment in BTA. You cannot remove or replace it
  • Dynamic slots will be automatically moved around the 'Mech's components to fill up free space. E.g. if you fill up the torsos with gear the dynamic armor slots will move to fill the arms and legs

Found On These 'Mechs: