Calderon Protectorate

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Calderon Protectorate
Calderon Protectorate logo.png
Capital World Erod's Escape
Ruler Cham Kithrong
Military Calderon Protectorate Military
Secret Service Unknown

The Calderon Protectorate is a small Periphery state located spinward of the Taurian Concordat. The Protectorate began as a collection of small settlements newly-colonized by the Taurian Concordat, an effort which started with the Far Lookers movement and was backed by Concordat financial interests.

NOTE: The Calderon Protectorate spawns in 3066.

Enemy Factions

The following is a list of factions that can appear as opfor in missions while working for the Calderon Protectorate. Additionally, while allied with the Calderon Protectorate these factions will consider you an enemy and your reputation with them will not rise above 0:

Faction Store Inventory

The Calderon Protectorate faction store can be accessed in any of their systems after allying with them. A list of all faction stores can be found here.


  • Faction Unique
Faction Weapons Ammunition Equipment Full 'Mechs 'Mech Parts Vehicles Battle Armor Contracts
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Calderon Protectorate

Small Binary Laser
Medium Binary Laser
Large Binary Laser
Improved Small Binary Laser
Improved Medium Binary Laser
Improved LargeBinary Laser
None Compact Gyro
Heavy Duty Gyro
XL Gyro
Mackie MSK-9H
Talos TLS-1B
Talos TLS-2B
Toro TR-A-6
Toro TR-A-8
None None None None

Faction 'Mechs

Mechs fielded by the Calderon Protectorate
Medium Mechs