Sanctuary Alliance

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Sanctuary Alliance
SanctuaryAlliance logo.png
Capital World Hoplon
Ruler Marshal of the Alliance Elizabeth O'Neil
Military Army of the Alliance
Secret Service The Prying Eyes

The Sanctuary Alliance is a conglomeration of the three main Sanctuary Worlds powers: the Dane Sacellum, the Mallard Republic, and the Jacobson Haven, formed for the purpose of waging a pre-emptive war against the Taurian Concordat. Their precise motives and goals remain unclear as they have made minimal efforts towards communication with the Inner Sphere.

Enemy Factions

Players cannot take contracts from or ally with the Sanctuary Alliance. The following is a list of factions that the Sanctuary Alliance considers enemies. The Sanctuary Alliance may occasionally show up as a third enemy faction in a battle to fight these:

Faction 'Mechs

Mechs fielded by the Sanctuary Alliance
Heavy Mechs