Aurigan Directorate

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Aurigan Directorate
Aurigan Directorate logo.png
Capital World Coromodir
Ruler Santiago Espinosa
Military Unknown
Secret Service Unknown

The Arano Directorate is the usurper of the former Aurigan Coalition, headed up by House Espinosa. An authoritarian regime with ties to the Taurian Concordata, the Directorate aims to save the waning fortunes of the Aurigan Reach by centralizing power and resources. House Espinosa is unwaveringly brutal in the pursuit of that objective and has oppressed and manipulated the other Houses into doing their bidding.

NOTE: The Aurigan Directorate only spawns if you begin the Arano Restoration Flashpoint.

Enemy Factions

You cannot work for the Aurigan Directorate. However, these are their enemies.

Faction 'Mechs

Mechs fielded by the Aurigan Directorate