Ambient Targeting System

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Created to be the last word in command and control, the Ambient Targeting System is a House Marik invention that works similarly to a C3 network in reverse. Where C3 gives bonus coordination against targets within the C3 radius, the ATS gives nearby allies targeting aid by linking the carrying unit's expanded targeting system to the allied unit's and calculating targets accordingly. The ATS has a severe downside though, it makes the carrying unit's personal accuracy much worse as so much of its computing is dedicated to ally units that it calculates its own attacks poorly.

Manufacturer: Screeching Eagle Systems
Tonnage: 3
Critical Slots: 3
Install Location: Cockpit + Sensors A + Sensors B
Value: 2,000,000
Gear ID: Gear_Cockpit_AmbientTargeter

Equipped Effects:

  • +2 accuracy to ally attacks made within 150m radius of the equipped 'Mech
  • -4 accuracy on attacks made by the equipped 'Mech

Critical Effects:

  • DESTROYED: 'Mech is incapacitated


Found On These 'Mechs: Not found on any 'Mechs