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Heavy Ferro-Fibrous armor was developed by Durallex for the Lyran Alliance based on the Inner Sphere's attempts at Light Ferro-Fibrous. Utilizing a weave of ferro-steel, ferro-titanium, and diamond weave fibers which boosts the tensile strength of the plating, it provides more protection per ton than standard armor, but takes up more space on the 'Mech or vehicle.

Manufacturer: Durallex
Tonnage: 0
Critical Slots: 21 dynamic
Install Location: General
Value: 400,000
Gear ID: emod_armorslots_heavyferrosfibrous

Equipped Effects:

  • -20% weight per point of armor

Critical Effects:

  • None


  • Dynamic slots will be automatically moved around the 'Mech's components to fill up free space. E.g. if you fill up the torsos with gear the dynamic armor slots will move to fill the arms and legs

Found On These 'Mechs: